So You Want to Travel
And you have a disability…

By Fred Rosen

Guidebooks for People with Disabilities
Travel Consultant for People with Disabilities


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Travel Tips For Senior Citizens And Persons With A Disability

With the age of jet travel, cruising, rail travel, and other means of transportation, going to places of interest and excitement has become the dream of all persons.And this includes a person with a mobility problem or a disability.The disability could be slower means of walking, trouble in communication or understanding, the use of a wheelchair, needing oxygen, being blind or visually impaired, traveling with a service animal, being deaf or hearing impaired, having the need of dialysis treatment and the many other forms of disability that one encounters today.
Because you have a disability, it should not prevent you from enjoying what life has to offer.You should know how to prepare to travel.The Boy Scouts of America have a motto “BE PREPARED”.This motto should also apply to you, the traveler with a disability.There are things you should consider when planning a trip or vacation.And you should inform a travel agent the nature of your disability and what your travel needs are.


Your Medical Needs


The Wheelchair Traveler

In regards to wheelchairs, suppliers of transportation will have certain rules and regulations depending on the type
of wheelchair you use.It is recommended that you use a folding, mechanical wheelchair.Also, consult your
insurance agent if your wheelchair is covered by your homeowner’s policy.If not, consider adding a rider to cover
your wheelchair.
Inform a destination you have chosen, whether a hotel, motel or resort, the nature of your disability and ask if they
have a roll-in shower if needed.

The Blind Or Visually Impaired Traveler

Either you, or your travel agent, should inform the supplier of transportation that you are blind or visually
impaired.The supplier should inform you any travel information, whether Braille or verbal, that is required.
You should also inform a destination the nature of your disability and ask what services are supplied.
If you have the need of a service animal, you should consult the form of transportation you have selected as to
what are the rules and regulations when traveling with such an animal.The American With Disabilities Act of 1990
states that suppliers must allow a service animal to accompany a passenger providing that the passenger proves the
need of a service animal.

The Deaf Or Hearing Impaired Traveler

Persons who are deaf or hearing impaired should let a transport provider or destination be aware of his or her
disability and should ask what services are provided to meet his or her needs.
If you have need of a hearing aid, you should carry extra batteries.

The Diabetic Traveler

If you are diabetic and using insulin, you should know that there are often changes in time across the area you are
traveling.Try to adjust your self-administration of insulin to correspond to the hour you take it at home.

The Traveler Who Requires Dialysis Treatment

Many cruise lines, and many countries, will allow persons who require dialysis treatment, the opportunity to
enjoy what is being offered.Here again a person requiring dialysis treatment should inform their dialysis
treatment center of his or her plans and ask the treatment center to make the necessary reservations so that the
person requiring dialysis treatment will be able to receive this treatment according to the cruise line selected or
their destination.

The Need Of Ethnic Or Dietary Foods

If it is required that you have the need of certain foods because of your religious beliefs or on a selected diet, you
should inform the supplier of transportation or destination the need of such foods so that they will be adequately

Other Needs

If you are planning to travel, you should give attention to other needs


Preparing to travel is one half of solving your travel needs.The other half is using a travel agent who specializes in
arranging travel for persons with a disability.Although there are thousands of travel agents around the country,
only a few of them know what is needed to make travel arrangements for their client according to their
disability.The following is a list of American travel agents who can meet your needs.Regardless of your place of
residence, travel arrangements can be made with any of the travel agents listed.

Qualified USA Travel Agents

AB New Horizons Travel

1016 Alpine Ridge Drive
Ballwin, Missouri 63021
Fax …...1-636-349-1725
Allen Becker is a Missouri travel agent who is able to make travel arrangements for persons with
disabilities.Allen will investigate all forms of transportation and accommodations to see if they have services that
meets your disability.

Access Tours

PO Box 2985
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
Fax……1-208 787-2332
Slow walkers and wheelchair users who want to visit the West will be interested in accessible tours provided by
Access Tours which has been masking places for accessible impaired travelers since 1989.

Access Aloha Travel

414 Kuwilli Street, Suite 101
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Access Aloha Travel can arrange both group and individual travel for all physical limitations.Access Aloha Travel
can arrange for special discounts for persons traveling to Hawaii.

Access Travel, Inc.

5405 Storm Drift
Columbia, Maryland 21045
Access Travel, Inc. provides information for persons who have a mobility problem.They know that many questions
must be asked and answered by both travelers and suppliers prior to any trip. This is the only way to insure a
smooth, easy, barrier free vacation for you.

Accessible Journeys

35 West Sellers Avenue
Ridley Park, Pennsylvania 19078
Alt Phone...1-610-521-0339
Fax……….1-610 521- 6959
Since 1985, Accessible Journeys has been designing accessible holidays and escorting groups on accessible
vacations exclusively for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends.Accessible Journeys
is qualified to serve your accessibility needs in worldwide travel.In addition to offices in Europe, Accessible
Journeys staff has traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East; researching
destinations, inspecting hotels and accessing attractions.

Alaska Welcomes You

PO Box 91333
Anchorage, Alaska 99509
Alt Phone…1-907-349-6301
Alaska Welcomes You offers all sorts of accessible tours from 1-1/2 tours of Anchorage to 8 hour tours of
Seward to rafting on the Kenai Peninsula to multi-day guided sightseeing.They are also willing to help you plan
individual tours.

Discovery Hills Travel

886 Overlook Circle
San Diego California 92069
Phone ………1-800-750-5975
Alt Phone…...1-760-744-6536
Fax ……….1-760-744-5765
Mark Jackson, agency owner and partially disabled, offers all travel services to customers, but excels in designing
vacations on all Cruise Lines, trips to Hawaii, Mexico and Caribbean.

The Dialysis Traveler -- Dialysis At Sea Cruises

801 West Bay Drive
Suite 800
Largo, Florida 33770
For Information Outside USA & Canada…1-727-518-7311
The Dialysis Traveler and Dialysis At Sea Cruise is the largest provider of dialysis services aboard cruise ships in
the world.Since 1977, they have helped thousands of individuals on dialysis and their families experience the
pleasure of cruising and the joy of making their dream vacation. Theybelieve the reason for our success is
simple.. “We care about you and want to help you and your family enjoy life in safety and comfort”.

Eco-Adventure International

Eco-Adventure specializes in travel to East Africa, China and Costa Rica.Eco-Adventure now offers several
programs that are especially suited to people with disabilities and mature adults. They have the equipment and the
personnel in place and are ready to go.

Enchanted Travel Tours

PMBA 367-231 East Alessandro Blvd
Riverside California 92508-6039
Phone…. 1-909-943-1492
Enchanted Travel Tours is being built by and for physically challenged individuals.We know disability does not
mean inability.Their ultimate goal is to provide physically challenged individuals the chance to participate in
life-enhancing activities that might not otherwise be available to them.

Easy Access Travel

5386 Arlington Avenue
Riverside California 92504
Alt Phone….1-909-372-9595
Dedicated to meeting the special needs of disabled and mature travelers.The goal is to research client’s vacation
choices and provide them with the necessary information to make a trip enjoyable and rewarding.

Flying Wheels Travel

143 Bridge Street
PO Box 382
Owatonna Minnesota 55060
Alt Phone….1-507-451-5005
Flying Wheels Travel, founded in 1970, are experts at arranging special needs travel.Tours are planned with the
disabled traveler in mind.The specialized facilities that we provide are geared towards individuals rather than
volume of customers.We want you to know that your able-bodied relatives and friends are always welcome on any
of our tours.

Medical Travel

5184 Majorca Club Drive
Boca Raton Florida 33486
Alt Phone...1-561-361-9384
Medical Travel is a specialty travel agency exclusively for the special needs traveler, their families and their
friends.What Medical Travel provides

Nautilus Tours & Cruises

22567 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, California 91364
Phone……..1-800-797-6004outside CA
Alt Phone…1-818-591-3159
Provides trip planning for travelers with disabilities for almost 20 years.Nautilus Tours & Cruises specializes in
travel arrangements for persons with physical disabilities, their families and friends.We work through a full
service agency and can handle air and train reservations, hotels, rental cars, tours and cruises, both domestically
and internationally.We also develop and escort tours and cruises.

Neverland Adventures

715 J. Street 201
San Diego, California 92101
We provide unique and exciting travel opportunities that are both exciting and accessible.We offer Accessible
Tours Trip Planning, Cruises and Special Events.Our tours are specially designed by and physically challenged
travelers.All you needs will be taken care of and thought out in advance allowing you to enjoy what traveling
should be a vacation.Destinations to consider are Australia, Alaska and British Isles.

Roll Around Travel

239 Commercial Street
Malden, Massachusetts 02148
Fax……. 1-781-322-8197
Rollaround Travel is a business dedicated to the needs of disabled and any mobility challenged travelers.Having
offices in both the USA and the UK, we are ideally located to provide local support for citizens of the USA and
the EU.Rollaround Travel USA offers a very personal and confidential service. Whatever your needs, call us,
because if you can travel, we can take you!Use our executive team and our extensive international network of
professional specialist’s operators to gain access to:

Sundial Special Vacations

600 Broadway
Seaside, Oregon 9738
Alt Phone…1-503-738-3324
We provide tours for the developmentally disabled.Our vacations are especially designed for the developmentally
disabled persons and are escorted by experienced Sundial staff.Our purpose is to encourage handicapped travelers
and to ease their way. All vacation arrangements are made by our qualified travel consultants in cooperation with
the airlines, hotels, and other companies.

The Guided Tour

7900 Old York Road
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania19027-2339
Alt Phone…1-215-782-1370
The Guided Tour is a special program that offers opportunities for personal growth, recreation and socialization
through travel for men and women with developmental and physical challenges. The travelers come from all over
the United States who want to experience the same joys of travel that the non-challenged community experiences.

Travel Discoveries, Inc.

11948 Preswick Lane
PO Box 1428
Mukilteo (Seattle Area), Washington 98275
They are experienced in planning travel for persons who are visually impaired.Each year they offer both domestic
and international integrated tours.

Travel Outlet, Inc.

114 Aaron Way
Wheeling, West Virginia 26003
Alt Phone…1-304-242-7772
We are an agency that specializes in travel arrangements for travelers with physical disabilities, their relatives and
friends and anyone desiring slower-paced travel.Travel Outlet’s primary concerns are quality and personal service
when booking your tours.

Travel Turtle Tours

165 Inspirational Drive
Sedona, Arizona 86336
Alt Phone….1-520-204-1781
Looking for a guided tour?Our domestic and international guided tours for slow walkers and mobility impaired is
just what the turtle ordered.

Undiscovered Britain

11978 Audubon Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116
Undiscovered Britain specializes in the disabled and/or mature traveler who prefers a slower-paced
tour.Undiscovered Britain can provide information for:
·Vehicle rentals with wheelchair lifts and/or hand controls.
·Rail tickets.
·Ferry tickets.
·Airport and cruise ship transfers in an accessible van.
·Theatre tickets.
·Special events.
·Day tours both in the city and out in the countryside.
·Private driver/guides


So you see you can travel even though you have a mobility problem or are disabled. You might not be able to do
everything, but you can probably do more than you thought. You know that the world isn’t perfect and something
could go wrong.But by careful preparation and using a qualified travel agent or tour operator, as those listed
above, who specialize in arranging travel for persons with a disability, you can reduce that possibility.And then
you can enjoy, to the best of your ability, all that the world has to offer.


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