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Science & Humanities Press has an expanding line of books that help people to do better in life with what they have.
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I'm Bud Banis, The Publisher who owns Science & Humanities Press. I started the Company in 1994 after acquiring a small print shop to produce my own teaching materials. Then I ran across a couple of authors, like Fred Rosen, who had personal reasons for wanting to share knowledge and experiences with other people who had disabilities to overcome. They were frustrated because the bookstore market for disabilities books was not very good so it was hard to find a publisher for their books.

I have some appreciation for what it takes to adapt, improvise and overcome a disability. See my c.v.--drill down to a little detail and you'll find I had a few times in my life when I had to accept some limitations and discover other ways to accomplish what I wanted to do.
I found that everyone has things they can't do, but that you should never let what you can't do get in the way of doing what you can do.

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We'd like to make our books available to more people but realize that selling books on adapting to disabilities doesn't work very well through conventional bookstore channels. One of the things you can do, and benefit at the same time, is to help us make our books more available.

Here is a partial list of some of our books now available as downloadable eBooks:
Science & Humanities Press website
accessible-travelwebsite, with books specifically related to adaptation, and
Beachhouse Books, with fiction and lighter topics.
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Here is a partial list of some of our books now available as downloadable eBooks:
Science & Humanities Press website
accessible-travel website, with books specifically related to adaptation, and
Beachhouse Books, with fiction and lighter topics.